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February 17, 2013

Dear Ndokwa Members,

This is an update on the current status of our efforts to raise funds for our brethren that were affected by the devastating flood in Ndokwa land. Firstly, be informed that since our initial contribution of $5,000.00 (approx. N758,000) to the relief fund in the first phase of our relief efforts, we have raised a total of $13,500.00 from the EIGHT CHAPTERs of our Association. This amount is still in our Flood ReliefAccount awaiting disbursement.

In our penultimate NAIA National Executive Committee Meeting (in December) a majority of those present approved that we disburse the entire amount, less $1,000.00 for logistical expenses, to theNDOKWA RELIEF FUND early in January 2013 if the conditions are ripe. However, in our last NAIA National Executive Meeting in January, it was agreed that given the current changes and movements in NNU leadership that the time was not ripe and that we should make some additional inquiries before disbursement of any more funds through the Disbursement Committee.

Perhaps more importantly was the fact that the Disbursement Committee has not updated us on whether or not those adversely affected by the flood (recipients) adequately received assistance as intended by the donors.

Against this backdrop and at the said meeting in January, NAIA National Executive Council unanimously agreed that the National President reach out to members of the Disbursement Committee and get an update on the accountability of the first disbursement made through the Local Government Council leadership and its impact on those affected by the flood.

Additionally, we are to reach out to our designated member of the Committee, Engr. Fidelis Ishie to help us do some fact-finding of his own to determine the impact of the Committee’s first disbursement on the flood victims and report back to us. So far, that is where we are in the scheme of things.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your diligence, dedication and continuous support of NAIA. God bless and Happy President’s Day Holiday. Ndokwa Manma Omani Osanyi.

Chief Sebastian Oduni

National President