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October 9, 2012


The National Executive Council,
All Chapter Presidents & Local Executives,
Entire Members of NAIA
To Friends & Supporters of NAIA
My Ndokwa Brothers & Sisters

Ajenio, Otofenio – Ndokwa Mamma Omani Osanyi:

I bring you greetings from the Golden State of California. And I hope this message will meet you and your loved ones in good time and health. Please allow me a few minutes of your time to speak to you regarding the disaster that has befallen our Ndokwaland. 

Many of you may have heard or read about the devastating flood that has submerged most if not all, Ndokwa East and some parts of Ndokwa West. It is reported that the following areas: Aballa-Oshimili, Utchi Communities, Okpai Communities are under water. The entire Aboh town, the LG Headquarter, Uchi, Aballa Oshimili, Okpai, Inyi, Onoaboh, Ase to mention a few are all under water also. 

I summoned an Emergency Meeting of the National Executive Council September 30, 2012 to discuss the issue. The Council unanimously agreed to act and act quickly. We did some fact-finding to determine the scope of the disaster and how we could help. I spoke with the leaders of Ndokwa National Union (NNU) and Ukwuani Foundation Union (UFU) in this regard. The Council met again on Sunday, October 7, to collate the facts and determine our line of action. Here are some of the facts:-

Flood Victim Camps have been set up all around the upland of Ndokwa West and some parts of Ukwuani Local Government Areas.  In fact, the situation is so fluid, changing so fast, that it becomes inevitable to move some flood displacement camps further upland from Kwale to towns in Ukwuani and Ndokwa West LGAs including Ogume, Amai, and Obiaruku. 

They emphasized that what is urgently needed now is CASH. This will help NNU, the designated agency for the Relief Efforts, to provide the basic needs such as food, clothing, transportation etc to the displaced families in camps. 

In the light of the above, National Executive Council at our meeting on Sunday, October 7, 2012 unanimously approved the following actions to be executed in three steps. 

1. Disburse $5,000 from (national account) to Flood Relief Efforts
2. Call for voluntary (cash) donation from individuals/chapters. Amount collected will be donated at a later date (checks payable to NAIA Relief Fund) 
3. Call for material drive from members, chapters and organizations. Items gathered will also be shipped at a later date to the Flood Victims.

The names of all donors in Step 2 (individuals or chapters) will be published in Ndokwaweb as donors to Ndokwa Relief Efforts. The Executive Council will meet again on October 28, 2012 to access our progress in the Flood Relief Efforts.

Actually what we had in mind was One Million Naira mark which is approximately $7,000 dollars but given the situation of the economy we refrained from levying the chapters to augment the balance of $2,000. But I know in my mind some of our chapters and all of us are capable of raising additional $2,000. 

But here was a true coincidence. A very promising young man, Mr. Uche Mgbame from Houston Chapter who represented his Chapter President, Chief Ineh, even suggested that NAIA “Go Big” and donate One Million Naira. Well, if we as individuals/chapters voluntarily chip in I believe we can make it and then fulfill the bold suggestion of this young man. This is certainly the Ndokwa spirit that I know. 

You know, the victims of this disaster are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children, and grandchildren. I know we are a very compassionate people and care so much for our Ndokwa land, and had made so many sacrifices in the past. And many of you have called to ask what you could do beside our organizational efforts. Now you now have the opportunity to lend that helping hand. 

Your Chapter Presidents, that have been doing amazing job and providing exemplary leadership at the local and national levels will continue to fill you in as we progress in this effort together. 

Again I am grateful for your continued support for our Association and Ndokwa land. It is my prayer that God in His Infinite Majesty bless you and members of your family abundantly as we individually and collectively respond to this call. May God bless us and may God bless Ndokwa land. NDOKWA MAMMA OMANI OSANYI.

Chief Sebastian O. Oduni
National President, 
Ndokwa Association in America Inc.