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October 21, 2012

My dear Brothers and Sisters,
Ajenio, Otofenio,
Happy Sunday to everyone. In addition, I thank God for his continued guidance and blessing to all of us. A few weeks ago we resolved to assist our brothers and sisters in Ndokwa East and West that were grossly affected by the flood with a donation of $5,000.00 (dollars) and appealed to all individual members and chapters for voluntary donation.
I am very excited to announce that few chapters have responded to our call with amazement and beyond my widest imagination. Here is the tally so far:

Saturday October 13 - California              -     $1,000.00

Saturday October 20 - Washington DC   -     $2,000.00

Sunday October 21   - Houston                 -     $5,000.00    

                                                        Grand Total: $8,000.00 

I want to express my profound gratitude to Washington DC the Grand state of Ndokwa Association in America. You proved that your founding status and place in our history couldn’t be overshadowed. 
Houston I am very proud of you all.  In my opinion, you have established your chapter as our “Federal Reserve Board" by going above and beyond in this humanitarian call. Ndokwa appreciates thanks again.  
When California announced a donation of one thousand dollars, I stood up from my seat with unbridled appreciation. When Washington DC's announced their donation, I jumped up from my seat and when I heard Houston's donation I ran out the door. I am just wondering what I might do when the Big Apple, New York Chapter Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and Florida responds in their own way. I know the rest of you Five Stars chapters of our association are gathering storm.
This is the power of unity at work. When people unite in strong spirit and deep resolve nothing can stand in their way. Just imagine, between three chapters we have already raised a total sum of eight thousand dollars. The truth is I have never underestimated our strength as a people when we come together in one accord.  
Thank you NAIA for your determination and love of our people. In addition, thank you for raising our flag higher or highest in Ndokwaland under my watch. You have done our people and me proud. May God reward you abundantly.

Chief Sebastian O. Oduni
National President
Ndokwa Association in America, Inc.